About Us

Movie Sicily is a lively and innovative company that operates in the entertainment sector with a particular focus on the cinematographic branch, becoming a certainty and a point of reference for production companies within a few years.

Experience and a deep knowledge of the area combined with a passion for the seventh art make Movie Sicily an interlocutor able to offer a 360° service in support of film companies.

A Service that starts from the location research phase and follows the client up to the end of filming, thus guaranteeing an important "problem solving" service, and at the same time proposing as a streamlined and effective interface with accredited Sicilian suppliers and professionals

Among the activities of Movie Sicily we highlight:

  • Scouting Location
  • Requesting and obtaining Permits
  • Logistic and Professional Support
  • Casting – Extras – Permessi Minori
  • Rental & Facilities
  • Suppliers & Accomodations